Manali Meadows

About Us

Sanjay and Sunita DuttaAround 13 kms away from the main Manali town on Naggar - Manali road, Manali Meadows stands amidst scenic nature and serene stillness of the sky and the flora around. Imagine sitting in the front lawn sipping the local herbal tea and basking in the warmth of the morning sun. Sanjay Dutta and his wife Sunita Dutta are the hospitable hosts of the homestay. Being an experienced journalist of a leading regional newspaper, Sanjay is well-informed about the local people, their culture and history. He likes interacting with people and exchanging personal and professional experiences with his guests. Sunita is an amazing cook who cooks delectable local cuisine like Rajma (Red beans), Pulaov (fried rice) for vegetarians and locally prepared mutton, chicken and fish for non-vegetarians.